Living Room Renovation

Living Room Renovations  Sydney

Your living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s the place you spend your time relaxing, socialising and entertaining.

Pitching Point Constructions is a professional interior renovation company with a team of qualified, passionate and experienced staff who ensure your design ideas for your living room become the reality you’ve dreamed about.

Our laundry ideas take into consideration the vast range of beautiful tiles, benchtops, sinks and cupboard finishes available on the Australian market. We will make it possible for your washing room to become a stylish yet truly functional area of your home.

Open plan

Open plan living has become popular throughout Australian homes over recent years. One of the benefits to open plan living is the modern feel created by clean, open lines and spaces. Original wall features and high ceilings can be extremely complimentary to an open plan home. Having three or more rooms combined into one space allows people to chat and socialise throughout various spaces within the house.

Are you ready to improve your space?