Apartment Renovations

Sydney Apartment Renovations.

After five or so years your apartment will inevitably begin to look a little tired from everyday wear and tear. Your carpet may be in need of replacing, the walls might be crying out for a new colour scheme and the kitchen and bathroom could possibly benefit from a complete fit-out.

If you’re an investment property owner keeping your apartment fresh is a great way to secure higher rentals and ensure your property doesn’t sit empty. And here at Ferrari Interiors we specialise in creating interiors that will appeal to your target market.

We also delight in helping home owners optimise their space as well as creating environments that reflect your personality so it’s a joy to walk through the front door.

We can come onboard to assist with both minor and major renovations, from sourcing and laying new carpet to transforming individual rooms, and managing full property renovations.

Are you ready to improve your space?